We play and promote disc golf in the Comox Valley.

Update on The Park – Summer 2022

Hello everyone,
I’m sure many of you are eager to know what is happening with disc golf at The Park this year, so I’m happy to provide some preliminary details to prepare the disc golf community.
Start date is roughly slated for mid June; however, the actual start is entirely dictated by course conditions and the discretion of the management and greenskeeper. The main reason you haven’t heard much about The Park this year is that an unusually cold and wet spring has left large sections of the course unplayable until it dries out. The course is not even fully open to ball golf yet.
This year players will register through the Park instead of through the CVDGC website. The finer details of registration will be provided when a start date is announced.
There will be two disc golf nights this year. THURSDAYS will continue to be a “club night”, with prizes, tag battles, and the general competitive merriment we enjoyed last year. TUESDAYS, will be a “casual night” without all the ceremony of club night. Simply enjoy a round with your friends and family.
The layout will be similar to last year with a few tweaks, but it will be largely the same as what you saw in 2021.
Please direct any additional questions below so everyone can see and I’ll be happy to answer them if I can. Fingers crossed for warm and dry weather ahead.
Jamie Branch