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UDisc Leagues to be used for CVDGC tourneys

Disc golf leagues big and small are hugely important parts of the sport.

They help keep disc golf communities strong and connected by giving players a reason to come together at regular intervals. They offer a place where newer players can meet more experienced ones and learn the ropes of competitive play without the higher pressure of more formal tournaments.


The App for Disc Golfers. Discover over 10,000 courses worldwide, keep score with friends, track throws and round statistics, find and follow events, and much more with UDisc.

The good folks at UDisc have created a free platform that makes running and participating in leagues as easy as possible for both organizers and players: UDisc Leagues.

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As of today, Udisc is expanding the beta and we invite any and all disc golf league organizers to sign up and take advantage of the many benefits UDisc Leagues offers—benefits that will only become greater as we continue to enhance the platform.

In sections below we explain in full detail how UDisc Leagues will make participating in leagues easier for both players and organizers, but here’s a short overview of the highlights:

  • Social distancing made easy
  • Players score with a familiar interface
  • Live leaderboards
  • Multiple divisions and formats supported
  • Organizers’ lives simplified
  • UDisc Leagues is completely free!

Already interested in starting or becoming a UDisc League? You can apply here: udisc.com/leagues/apply.

Introducing Live Scorecards


These are Live Scorecards. Notice that as the player with the left phone updates a score, it also updates for the player with the right phone. When the player with the right phone updates a score, it updates for the player with the left phone.

One of the most innovative aspects of UDisc Leagues is Live Scorecards.

With Live Scorecards, all players can have the group’s scorecard open on their device and see changes being made to it in real time. Additionally, they can make changes themselves, and those will appear on their cardmates’ screens. All scores also automatically go to a live leaderboard where the standings of all players at an event are updated as they enter scores.

The leaderboard can be accessed easily at any time during an event by just a quick screen tap in the UDisc app.


Access the leaderboard with just one quick tap from your scorecard. Another tap takes you right back to your scorecard.

Don’t worry. If you prefer more traditional scoring where players trade off scoring duties or if there’s one person who doesn’t mind keeping score the whole round, it’s no extra trouble. Everyone’s scores can be edited by any cardmate at any time.

Most importantly, no one will need to touch anyone else’s device to check, enter, or edit results. This new tool makes following social distancing guidelines during league rounds easier than ever before.

Help Players Discover Your League


Screenshot of udisc.com/leagues, where people can find UDisc Leagues all over the U.S. and world. All UDisc Leagues show up there and in the Events tab in the app, making UDisc Leagues extremely easy for players to find and participate in.

Tapping the Events tab in the UDisc app is one of the easiest ways for people to find competitions near them, and UDisc Leagues will be included in the Events listings.

We are also happy to announce that anyone can now search for UDisc Leagues on the web anywhere in the world at udisc.com/leagues. This means UDisc Leagues can be found easily by both locals and any players just passing through. It will also help disc golf road trippers know exactly where and when they can take part in some local competition on their journeys.

With UDisc Leagues, it won’t take a player having a chance meeting with someone in the know or wading through social media groups to find out about your league. It’ll be there for all players to see on two platforms created by the world’s most popular disc golf app.

How Does a UDisc League Work?

When players arrive at a UDisc League, all they have to do is go to the Events tab in the normal UDisc app (Pro account not required), tap on the name of league, and check in:


The check-in process is done completely via the UDisc app. No paper, no waiting in lines. Note: Step 4 will not appear at leagues with no set divisions.

Once players know who they’re playing with, one player in the group can create a scorecard by just picking the correct players from the list of those checked in. After that, each player can access the scorecard from their own device.

Have a player who doesn’t have UDisc and can’t download it right then? No problem. Any other player with UDisc can check them in so they can also be added to a scorecard.

Something else that keeps things simple is that scoring happens in the everyday UDisc app with the same look and functions as any other UDisc scorecard. The large number of players who already score with UDisc don’t need to learn anything new to keep score.

As mentioned earlier, all scores update automatically to a live leaderboard, so organizers won’t have to worry about gathering or calculating scores in any shape or form. It will all be there for them (and anyone playing) to see. Like the right disc for a shot, we’ll do the work for you if you let us.

What Formats Are Supported?

Along with singles and doubles formats, UDisc Leagues can also support both shotgun and flex start leagues with all the divisions offered in formal tournaments. We plan to add more options in the future, so make sure to keep an eye out for updates as we announce them.

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What Do People Who’ve Tried It Have To Say?


The San Francisco Disc Golf Club’s bagtag challenge back in January. The large club recently used UDisc Leagues for the first time, and you can see how they liked it in one of the comments below. Photo credit: Jon Toby

Some leagues have already been able to test out an early version of UDisc Leagues. Below is some of the feedback we’ve received:

“The San Francisco Disc Golf Club just ran our first Weekly Singles tournament using UDisc Leages BETA and it is already clear that this is the way of the future! We were able to handle a 100+ player field without breaking a sweat! It’s simple to use and the live leaderboard adds a new element to the competition that people really seem to enjoy. While TDs do need to be able to offer some assistance to get people going, that time is more than made up for by eliminating paper scorecards (take that, COVID-19!), manually checking those scores, and typing the results into a computer.”
Shawn Mercy, President of the San Francisco Disc Golf Club



It’s easy and clearly laid-out. I love that it’s all in the app, too.”
Lukas Klingbeil, participant in a UDisc League in Rüsselsheim, Germany



“So far we are really enjoying the league feature. It’s been very easy to use (both on the TD side and the player side). The ladies really love the ability to look at the scores live during the round. Once this is more readily available, I’ll definitely be teaching our other chapters how to use it for their leagues. “
Nikki Nash of Chicks Chasing Chains, a Houston, Texas-based group “with one goal…to get more women playing”

Be a UDisc League!


Like we said at the beginning, if you’d like to be a UDisc League, you can apply here: udisc.com/leagues/apply. We’d like to re-emphasize that using this platform comes at absolutely no cost for league organizers or players. Players need just a basic, free UDisc account, not a Pro account, to score at a league.

And it’s not just established leagues that can apply. With UDisc Leagues, a lot of the tasks that make running a league a time-consuming commitment—check-in and score calculations to name the biggest ones—are handled by the platform. If you’ve been thinking about starting a league in your area, it’s never been easier than right now. We also have more content in the works that will help you learn more about how to grow leagues and the value they have to the disc golf community.

If you’re a player interested in seeing your local league become a UDisc League, we encourage you to forward this article to make them aware of the option.

We wish you all low scores and safe times out on the course, and we hope to see your league pop up on the UDisc Leagues map very soon!