We play and promote disc golf in the Comox Valley.

Nominations and Agenda Items

In the past, there have not been defined roles for each council member other than President and Treasurer. Although many of these roles were fulfilled without a title, going in to the future, it would be best if each member of council had a specific focus.

Here anyone can nominate anyone they want for any position, the names of those nominated will be kept private until they accept the nomination. You can also nominate someone without declaring a position for them and they can decide for themselves what role they would prefer to fill.

Point is, nominate widely, we need new blood.

Also, you can add agenda items for the meeting in the comment section and they shall be added to the agenda, so if there is something you wish to discuss, please add them.

Council Positions



The vision and leader of the group, perhaps also the chairperson of the meetings, as well as the public face of the club and the game.



Keeps the books and accounts for all money spent and received. Perhaps keeps the minutes at the meetings.

Maintenance and Upgrades,
Fir Meadows

Events Coordinator

Maintenance and Upgrades,


This role should be someone who actively seeks to communicate with not only our membership, but also sponsors or other potential partners. The main function of this role is to keep the public informed about what is going on with our game and our club in an attempt to be as transparent as possible and to grow our sport and make the case for why you should join the club or sponsor us.


Maintenance and Upgrades,

Plase enter your nominations for CVDG council