We play and promote disc golf in the Comox Valley.

Spring has come with a whirlwind of news for the Club. Spring weather is here and I am thrilled to see our community open up to Disc Golf. Here are a few updates from the Club.


The Park is in full swing on Thursday evenings. Participation has been fantastic in our first two weeks out and we are looking forward to another full tee-sheet. The course is playing fantastic, and reviews are coming in positive for our first semi-permanent tee-pad. More to come!
Registration opens 2 weeks in advance. Sign up @ https://thepark.crownisle.com.
The crew at Cumberland continues to set the bar for the care and attention that goes into that course. Thank you Jason Mcgregor and your crew for all your efforts and hard work. Stay tuned for a new practice basket being installed soon. Thank you Steve Fraser and Bean Around the World for your sponsorship.
Lake Trail is underway and seeing improvements. We are grateful to Jeff Baulne and his crew of fantastic humans. We are all loving the teepads that went in earlier this year. Look forward to updated teebox signage and other wayfinding. And thank you to the community for continuing to keep that course tidy.
Village Park (Tot Lot) in Comox continues to see improvements. I saw the Town of Comox crew out there yesterday spreading more mulch and beautifying the course like crazy! Thank you to Steven Long and crew for continuing to take care of our little gem in Comox.
Less than spectacular news, but a reminder that only sanctioned modifications to the courses should be happening. There have recently been some trees and bushes with limbs broken and/or cut. These are public parks and shouldn't be tampered with or we could lose access to them. Also, lots of special care and attention has been put into the course design as is. Volunteering and suggestions is the way to modify the courses ...contact Steve Long (Comox), Jeff Baulne (Lake Trail) or Jason Mcgregor (Cumberland).

Events to Look Out For

The CVDG has recently launched a Ladies Night series. Cheers to Sydney Moncrief for taking charge and creating such a welcoming event. Be sure to check out the news and recaps on the CVDG Facebook page. Next event is May 29 in Cumberland!
CVDG will be hosting Open Houses through the Comox Valley Rec Centre in the coming months. We are thrilled to showcase our favourite sport with the community at large! Come on down and show your support and reach out to the Club if you'd like to volunteer!
  • May 27th 1-4pm
  • June 24th 12-3pm
  • July 22nd 11-2pm

Other News

Thank you so much to our participants of the Match Play series. A portion of your entry fees went to creating the first set of Disc Golf Bursaries for high school students on their way to University. We are very proud to award the $200 bursaries to Jayden Moore from Mark Isfeld Secondary and Owen Field from Highland Secondary. Thank you Ryan Allester for getting this initiative rolling.
And a reminder if you are still considering becoming a member of the Club. You can pick up a tag and join the weekly events, but you don't have to! Your $25 annual membership fee actually goes a long way to helping promote the sport and improving our current courses throughout the Valley. And if you're still unsure about purchasing a membership we are offering a 30 day refund if you do not enjoy the club events.
I continue to be inspired by the passion in this community. Thank you everyone for making Disc Golf in the Comox Valley absolutely fantastic! As always, reach out and say hello any time! I'm thrilled to chat about any ideas or feedback you might have and look forward to bringing it all back to the Board.
Jordan Menu

President, #CVDGC