We play and promote disc golf in the Comox Valley.

CVDGC Progress Update

Hello to all the CVDGC members and the greater disc golf community. The board of directors, course reps, and members at large wanted to present a summary of the activities that we have been undertaking behind the scenes while we wait for the pandemic to pass and life to return to normal.

All three Comox Valley courses have seen a considerable uptick in usage stemming from the sport’s growing popularity and the arrival of spring. And all three courses are in excellent shape. Course reps have been working closely with municipalities and Lake Trail school to ensure first-rate signage is in place, paths are kept dry, and erosion is mitigated. Keep your eye out for more surprises and upgrades as the spring progresses. To be sure, our relationships with fellow stakeholders have never been more positive or productive. 

We have laid excellent groundwork in identifying locations where we can host events when we are able to do so again. Without going into great detail, we are building plans now, so that when the time is right we are able to act quickly and decisively to book and plan events.

To facilitate the planning of club events, the club has purchased an additional 9 portable baskets which now gives us a full set of 18. Our fundraising through membership sales, charitable donations, and disc sales allowed us to complete the set while still leaving ample funds for future endeavors. 

We have also ordered additional tags, as the original batch of 100 sold out within the first month of sales. We are all blown away at the support this year, and we wanted to make sure everyone knows that we are investing many volunteer hours as a group to make disc golf as great an experience as possible. Let us all do our part to see that the pandemic comes to an end and we can really take advantage of the momentum this sport and this community is enjoying.

Please continue to visit cvdiscgolf.com and the Comox Valley Disc Golf Facebook page for updates. 

Jamie Branch

Treasurer, Comox Valley Disc Golf Club