Contest time!

In honour of the amazing people playing disc golf in the Comox Valley, we are starting a contest!

Running from, well, NOW…till the end of September. Here is what you need to know. Video must be from one of the fun local courses in the Comox Valley. Fir Meadows, Cumberland, Village Park, Black Creek, or if you’re into slumming it with the dirt bikers, Coal Shoots.

Keep it to less than a minute, and should contain disc golf related footage. We don’t want to see you Mtn Biking, unless you’re throwing a disc while doing so. Which would be awesome.

Restrictions: No illegal drug use, no excessive alcohol content, no profanity. This is a public, family friendly gallery, so please keep it clean. If any videos are in contradiction to this, they will be removed from the gallery, and the contest.

 ( Final prize to be disclosed at a future date. But it will be awesome. )



Rules and Tips