The Comox Valley is blessed with miles of green space and mountains to boot, there is no end to the possibilities for disc golf here.  If you are just starting out or like a short technical course, Village Park in Comox is the place to be. Coal Shoots is a more open course where you can really let loose those monster drives. And our latest course in Cumberland, Coal Creek. Opened in May of 2016.

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All directions are given from the Inland Highway traveling from the south of town.

Enjoy yourself people, we’ll see you out there

Nestled in old Chinatown in Cumberland, the Disc Golf course in Coal Creek Historic Park offers a variety of landscapes for all skill levels. From wide open bombs to beautifully forested technical shots, golfers will enjoy the range and diversity. This course is on a one year trial so visitors are asked to pack-in/ pack-out (standard issue) and to respect the environment. Most of all have fun, and enjoy the bounty that Cumberland has to offer.

The only course in the CoVal with chain baskets, this is the place to start if you are just beginning your journey into disc golf.  This course is surrounded by a school, a community centre, a daycare and a children’s playground sits smack dab in the middle.  There is always a fair amount of foot traffic through this area, so watch your shouts and call your ‘fores’.