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In regards to the road toll, and land-usage fees, currently in effect on the Comox Valley Logging Road, with the booth located at the entrance to Fir Meadows:

The Comox Valley Disc Golf Club will continue to maintain Fir Meadows throughout the 2017 summer season. We are not currently certain of what the future holds, but feel that a good course of action is to consider the $50 annual pass. Or other local disc golf courses.

The following from a press release published on http://www.mycomoxvalleynow.com

Ann MacDonald with the Comox Valley Regional District says the toll is being put up by a company called 3L Developments, a group the RD has dealt with in the past.

3L Developments had previously tried to get a 763 lot subdivision in the area. After development applications were rejected, the company took the RD to court.

One reason for putting in the toll booth is to clean up and maintain the old logging road.

“Essentially, I think people need to know that this is a private road and the owner has put this toll up so traffic is encouraged to use alternatives routes to get to the recreational opportunities in the area”, MacDonald says.


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